A 2 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on July 13, 2020

Podcast Episode 2. A mission statement is your church’s compass


Mission Statements tend to get hidden away in some dusty corner of your website. They tend to be filled with generic statements that are long and cumbersome. But what if the Mission Statement could be the reference point for every programme, activity and decision in your church? Mission Statements seek to answer the key question in your church: why.

Key Points

  • Mission Statements are like The Island with Bear Grylls
  • What a good mission statement does (The Mission Compass)
  • The Mission of The Global Church (Kingdom come via making disciples)
  • Your target market (attitudes, interests and opinions)
  • Your church strengths
  • Great Commission + Target Market - Church Strengths = Too Generic
  • Great Commission + Church Strengths - Target Market = Too Ego Driven
  • Church Strengths + Target Market - Great Commission = Not a church

Key Resources

How a Mission Statement can stop your church walking in Circles by Chris Bright