A 5 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on August 4, 2020

Podcast Episode 5. Leading a Worship Team (with Lee Baker)


Leading a Worship Team can be a challenging job. You've got the unenviable task of having to bring a group of creative individuals together into a group and to play music that is excellent and leads people into the presence of God. However, many worship teams haven't done the groundwork of why they do what they do, and this can cause tension, disagreements and a lack of cohesion. During lockdown, this has been made more difficult as we've been unable to get the team into the same room to practice. So, how can you still lead a worship team when you're in lockdown? We also look at running a worship team in a multisite setting. How do you lead a worship team across multiple locations?

About our Guest

Lee Baker is the Lead Worship Pastor of 12Stone Church, Atlanta, GA. 12Stone are a multisite church with 8 locations across the northeast Atlanta area. Lee has a wealth of knowledge in leading worship teams for many years and has also started Meta, an online Worship Training academy.

Points Covered

1.     Lee Baker, the last time Lee Button and I met with you in Atlanta, you were talking passionately about how churches need to understand their worship mission statement. What is that, and why is it important?

2.     We’re in a situation at the moment where the whole of the UK is in lockdown, so there will be worship teams starting to wonder how they can still function as a worship team in this time. How do you think worship teams should be approaching worship right now?

3.     You’ve created Meta, which is an online training platform. What lead you to start Meta?

4.     What advantages can be gained from moving your team online, even after Coronavirus?

5.     Can online ever be a replacement for live rehearsals?

6.     What do you need to get started with moving your Worship Team time online?

7.     Most worship teams in the UK are volunteer teams, and most worship pastors are volunteer worship pastors. How can volunteer leaders grow and develop their team when there isn’t a lot of time?

8.     We first met a few years ago when my church sent me to Atlanta to speak with lots of people at 12Stone, and you were so gracious to give me an hour of your time, where I asked you question after question about how your church ran music whilst being multisite. My main memory from that meeting was that it completely shattered some pre-conceived beliefs about how church worship should be run. In the UK, we’re still very new to the multisite world, but you’ve been running worship in a multisite setting for a long time now, how does 12Stone run worship across 8 locations?

9.     I remember in that meeting that you talked about doing the same set lists in every location. I think for many people hearing this in the UK will have never heard of doing the same setlists across multiple locations. Many people might worry that it Why did you decide to do that and how has it changed the feeling of worship being spontaneous? 

10.  If a church is planning to start going multisite, what advice would you give to the worship teams?


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