A 2 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on August 11, 2020

Podcast Episode 6. Rekindling the love for Online Church


When the church hit lockdown, our love with Online Church quickly blossomed into a budding romance, but as time has gone on, the love has dwindled. A few months in, the church has hit the 'dark night of the soul' and we need to find ways to rekindle the love. After all, online church is here to stay, so it's worth fighting for.

Key Points

  • What went well at the beginning
  • Cynefin - Chaos stage
  • What has gone wrong?
    • Richard Hall Quote
  • Start with Who
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Acquisition
    • Service
    • Loyalty
  • How to re-kindle the love
    • Get clarity on the purpose
    • What makes you click a link?
    • Tell people in advance
    • Give a clear next step
    • Design your service for on-demand viewing


Cynefin Framework - Anecdote YouTube Video