A 4 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on September 1, 2020

Podcast Episode 9. Leadership Development (with Simon Jarvis)


Leadership Development is a much talked about subject, but so little thought goes into systematising it. We often put it down to a natural born gift, or believing the cream will rise to the top. However, this rarely happens. As church leaders, it is our responsibility to grow the people within our care, including their leadership capacity. But how do you do this at scale? In this Podcast we talk with Simon Jarvis about Leadership Pipelines and using technology to develop leaders.

About our guest

Simon is the Senior Leader of the One Church Network, as well as being Leadership Development Director for AoG UK. Simon previously ran Youth Alive in the U.K. before moving to Gloucester in 2006 to become Senior Pastor of Robinswood Pentecostal Church, now One Church. One Church has grown over the 14 years to having 4 locations in the U.K. and 3 locations in Zimbabwe.

Simon is married to Ally, and they have two adult children, Jack & Abi.

Key Points

  1. Leadership development has become a bit of a buzzword in Christian circles in the last couple of decades, but it still seems like churches are struggling to develop leaders. Why is that so?
  2. Your passion is for Leadership Development, why are you passionate about it?
  3. I’ve heard it said that everyone is a leader, and I’ve also heard that leadership is a spiritual gift only for some people… which do you think it is and why?
  4. I’ve also heard both sides to the argument about nature vs nurture when it comes to leadership. Is a leader born that way or can it be developed in anyone?
  5. When you’re looking to develop a leader to take significant weight in One Church, what things are you looking for?
  6. You’ve just introduced a Leadership Pipeline in One Church, what is that and how does it work?
  7. You’ve also started something called Alps. What is it and how is it utilising technology to develop leaders remotely?
  8. How important is face-to-face time in the development of a leader?
  9. There are two schools of thought in regard to who the developer of leaders should be. Some say that leadership development should be done by more senior leaders, whereas some say that as long as you are one level up, you can develop the leaders below you. What have you found to be the most effective way of developing leaders in this regard?
  10. The Leadership Pipeline provides the structure for developing leadership competencies, but you’re still a fan of running leadership development programmes. How are you thinking about using programmes in line with your Leadership Pipeline?
  11. You’ve recently started overseeing Leadership Development for all of AoG in the UK. How do you start to develop leaders at scale?


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