A 3 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on September 15, 2020

Podcast Episode 11. The thinking behind theology


Why does your church believe what it believes? Because the Bible says so? How did you come to that conclusion? There's a saying, "Process over Product" but when it comes to what we believe, we spend more time thinking about the product than the process. Our theology is dependent on our process to get to that theological standpoint. What are the core mechanisms that should help us reach our theological standpoints?

About our Guest

Dr. John Andrews is an author, teacher and theologian, as well as being a great friend of thinking.church. John has written many books including First Day, Beyond Broken, and his latest book, Face to Face.

John is married to Dawn and they have three children together: Elaina (married to Dan), Simeon and Beth-Anne, not forgetting their sausage dogs, Pepperoni and Salami.

John loves long walks with Dawn, going to the cinema, reading and supporting his beloved Liverpool FC

Key Points

  • What can we do to correct the lack of Biblical literacy?
  • Have we focused too much on Leadership Development instead of Biblical literacy?
  • How do we help people deconstruct and reconstruct their theology?
  • What are the foundational principles of interpreting Scripture?
  • Is theology fluid or static?
  • How much of our theology is inherited?
  • How has COVID forced us to re-think our theology?
  • How do we construct a theological model?
  • How do we allow people to wrestle with theological doubt?
  • How does theology speak to strategy and change?


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