A 2 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on September 22, 2020

Podcast Episode 12. Planning for Christmas in uncertain times


Christmas is a difficult season to plan for as a church. Planning for Christmas when you're not sure what the COVID restrictions will be is even harder. The great news is that you can still get planning, regardless of the rules at Christmas time. By planning the foundations, the variables such as platform and location can remain flexible. In this episode, Chris & Lee explain how to plan an awesome Christmas event in the uncertainty of COVID.

Key Points

  • Where we might be at Christmas with COVID
  • Pre-Planning
    • Purpose: Set a purpose for the event
    • People: Determine a target market
    • Problem: What problem do they need solving?
    • Powers: What are we good at?
    • Positioning: How is our event unique?
    • Product: What is the core benefit you are providing to your target market?
    • Provision: What budget is there for this event?
  • Creating the event
    • Story: what is the journey you are taking them on?
    • Name: Find a compelling Name
    • Theme: Find a design theme
    • Programme: Create the programme outline with timings, from first contact to last contact. Include before and after the actual programmed event. 
    • Kids Provision: What are you doing for children?
    • Time: What time will it take place?
    • Place: Where will it take place? Physical building? Online? Both?
    • Price: Are you charging for the event?
  • Promotion
    • Creating a Marketing Funnel
    • Channels
    • Where do they sign up?