A 3 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on October 13, 2020

Podcast Episode 15. Developing your church’s Social Media presence


Virtually every church has some sort of social media presence, but few know how to do it well. We often think that social media can only done well if you have a team of employees ready to churn out content on an hourly basis. However, when done effectively, social media becomes a method for churches to pastor people. Our guest this week, Alin Dragu, shows us how we need to think more about social media in pastoral terms than advertising.

About Our Guest

Alin Dragu is the Social & Digital Media Director for 12Stone Church in Atlanta, GA.

Points Covered

  1. Hi Alin, great to speak with you. Social Media has become a vital tool for churches, especially since COVID-19 struck. What are the common mistakes that you’re seeing churches make with social media?
  2. I think that a big problem that churches face is that they don’t know why they are using social media. They’re often on it because everyone else is using it. What do you find is the best purpose for social media in general?
  3. We all know the main platforms, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. But there’s also Snapchat and TikTok too. Do different platforms serve different purposes?
  4. Social Media is completely linked to a content strategy. Could you tell our listeners what that is, and how they can develop their own?
  5. How often should we be posting on different platforms?
  6. There’s lots of scheduling packages around… HubSpot, Buffer, Hootsuite to name a few. Which ones have you found most effective and why?
  7. There are different types of posts too… Video, text, photo. Which posts work best in which scenarios?
  8. We’ve all seen those posts where someone starts arguing with a post someone’s put up. How do we engage with negative comments?
  9. Most of the churches in the U.K. are under 100 people, and that means that virtually all of the churches in the U.K. won’t have a social media staff member. What can churches do with zero staff?
  10. If a church has zero social media presence currently. What next steps would you recommend that a church could take to start engaging with people on social media.