A 3 Minute Read - By Chris Bright - posted on January 5, 2021

Podcast Episode 26. Wellbeing & Pastoral Care (with Justyn Towler)


As pastors and church leaders, we feel the weight of having to look after the congregation entrusted to us. However, Pastoral Care can move from an area where we are making meaningful benefit in peoples' lives to a place of stress and burnout. In this episode, Chris talks with Justin Towler of Renewal Christian Centre, Solihull, all about how we can re-think our approach to wellbeing and pastoral care.

Key Points

  1. Before taking on wellbeing at Renewal you were the Kids Pastor. How did you end up moving over to wellbeing?
  2. When you first started in your wellbeing role, what were some of the problems that you encountered?
  3. How have you navigated the journey of discovering the church’s role in peoples’ wellbeing?
  4. What are the options available to churches when thinking about counselling?
  5. If you were to advise a small church on how to set up a robust care system in their church, but without the means to hire people, what would you recommend?
  6. During COVID, mental health has been put under the spotlight much more, what can we do as churches to highlight the need for It in our services?
  7. Pastors, like everyone else, are not immune from mental health issues. How can you help pastors who have been struggling with their mental health?


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