COVID-19 Re-occupation Checklist

How it works

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1. Complete the checklist

Please give 60 minutes to take this questionnaire. The survey is comprehensive and will need to be completed in one session.

2. Send Us Your Documents

To help you more fully, there are some documents that we’ll need for you to send us:

  • Floorplan 
  • Photos (Entrance/exit/toilet access/ hallways/ stairs/ lifts/ sanctuary/ rooms/ worship area/ etc) 
  • Fire evacuation policy/process 

3. Book a Consultation Call

Completing this survey may have raised some questions about how to proceed. If you’d like some support, we are offering a 2-hour consultation call with our team for only ¬£99.00. Here you can ask any question you may have, and we can help you formulate a plan of action.

4. Get Your Report

We will send you your report within 3 working days of submission.