Discipleship Pathway

About this Course

The ‘how’ of the church is recorded in Matthew 28 and is commonly referred to as The Great Commission: To go into all the world and make disciples. Making disciples is how God’s Kingdom comes on earth, this side of New Creation. That means that the Discipleship shouldn’t be a programme of the church, it is the church.

In this course, we’ll help you work out how to turn your church from a menu of programmes into a Pathway of Discipleship, where every programme exists to help people take a next step in their walk with Christ.

Course Outcomes

  • Define what a mature disciple looks like
  • Set a Discipleship Pathway
  • Set a Key Environment for each Pathway Step
  • Audit Your Programmes against the Pathway
  • Discover programmes that should be changed or cut
  • Understand what programmes are missing



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